God’s willingness to heal

On God’s willingness to heal:

  1. If you could go back to Jesus’s day while He was still alive in the flesh and you asked Him to heal you, what do you think He would say? Jesus said that He could only do what He sees the Father doing. Is He not the same today that He was yesterday?
  2. Dual atonement. Right beside where it says that Jesus died for our sins it says He died for our healing. “By His stripes we are healed”. He bore our iniquities. The passage in Isaiah 53 and 1 Peter 2:24 state Jesus had a 2 fold mission: heal us physically and heal us spiritually (free us from the law, forgive us, etc.).
  3. Healing was important to Jesus…He spent most of His time doing it. In fact, you can say that healing people’s physical ailments was what He spent His most time on. We, as humans, try to romanticize and place extra emphasis on the spiritual over the physical. We naturally think: spiritual = good, physical = bad….and if you want anything physical, your heart is not in the right place. The fact is that God created the world and said that it is good. He loves His physical creation. I think this is why Jesus spent so much time healing people. Acts 10:38, Peter says that Jesus went about healing all people oppressed by the devil. I think healing people physically is undoing the works of satan. I recognize this is contrarian thinking, but I lean toward the physical being almost as important to God as the spiritual.
  4. We still sin….but does that make sin God’s will? The same goes with pain and sickness. Just because it happens, does that mean it is His will? I do believe He can and will use sickness to our benefit, just like He can and will use sin for our ultimate benefit.
  5. Part of the curse of sin was all kinds of physical ailments (deut. 28 lists almost every kind of sickness and pain). Did Jesus not free us from this curse?
  6. Jesus is described as the serpent staff that Moses used to heal all the people of snake bites. He is Christ, our healer.


Ultimately the work is done. You are forgiven. You are healed. This is a fact whether you believe it or not. It is true whether the truth is manifest in the physical world or not. For the healing and righteousness to come about circumstantially, you must believe the truth. Sometimes the healing comes right away….sometimes it takes some time for your faith to grow.

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Healing in the atonement

I am currently reading “Christ the Healer” by F.F. Bosworth and am very moved by how important physical healing was and is to Jesus. Jesus is God in the flesh. What did He spend a lot of time on earth doing? Healing people. This tells me that healing is something important to God. Jesus is the same today as He was back then, right?

I am also curious what “F.F.” stands for now that I have written his name. Anyways….

Here are some of my thoughts so far regarding healing as part of the atonement:

Many people say that their sickness brings them closer to God, or helps them to rely on Him. But what about the fact that we, as Christians, are one with God? How much closer can we get? Sickness, as portrayed in the Bible, is a punishment for sin. That is why sickness and pain are covered in the atonement along with sin. We must realize that the ancient Hebrews made sacrifices not only to get forgiveness of sins, but also to be healed. Isaiah 53, Matthew 8, and Peter 2 all show that Jesus died for sins and sickness. Both sin and sickness are equally covered with the sacrifice Jesus made.

When Paul talks about people getting sick from taking communion (1 Corinthians 11:30), he is not saying it is because people take it while they have too much sin in their life. When he says “unworthily” he means they don’t understand what Jesus atoned for. They remain and become sick (much like some Christians today) because they have no idea that Jesus has surely borne their sicknesses and pains away. Those people were eating and drinking communion for a meal and some were getting drunk! They obviously had no idea what it was all about. Therefore, unlike Christians with understanding, the Corinthians got sick and were dying of diseases.

We, as Christians, must realize and be convinced of our forgiveness from our sins. We must consider ourselves pure, holy and righteous because that is how God considers us. By the same token, we must also consider ourselves fully healed. As we recognize these truths, we will instantly or gradually become righteous and healthy circumstantially. Saying these truths aloud helps.

May our faith grow in the truth!


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18 Things the Holy Spirit Does Not Do in Your Life!

This is an outline of a video by Bas Rijksen. This is the only teaching I have seen from him but I agree with every word on this particular video. I was encouraged to watch it from a friend. The link of the video is here.

Here are the 18 things along with some quotes that Bas uses and notes of mine:

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us”-AW Tozer

18 facts about the Holy Spirit:

  1. The Holy Spirit doesn’t convict you of your sin
    1. All your sins have been forgiven
    2. The Holy Spirit only convicts you of your righteousness (because you are one with Christ and He is righteous)
  2. The Holy Spirit doesn’t keep a record of your sin
  3. The Holy Spirit doesn’t make you aware you’ve blasphemed against Him, thus having committed the unforgiveable sin
    1. The unforgiveable sin is not believing in and accepting Christ. How can you be forgiven if you don’t want to be
  4. The Holy Spirit does not empower you to strive for holiness (or sanctification)
    1. You are already holy
    2. You are already sanctified
    3. The work has been finished, you only need to believe it applies to you
  5. The Holy Spirit is not waiting to see if you drop the ball enough times and waste your eternal position
  6. The Holy Spirit doesn’t make decisions for you
    1. He is with you and gives counsel and advice
    2. You are free to make decisions about where you work, who you marry, etc.

“God’s requirements have not altered, but we are not the ones to meet them. Praise God, He is the Lawgiver on the Throne, and He is the Lawkeeper in my heart. He who gave the law, Himself keeps it.” -Watchman Nee

  1. The Holy Spirit does not teach you to keep the Law
  2. The Holy Spirit doesn’t tell you to tithe
  3. The Holy Spirit will not give you pain, hardships and sickness to teach you a lesson
    1. If He is, then you are disobeying God by taking medicine or going to a doctor
    2. If He makes you sick to draw you closer to Him, then you should pray that all your family and friends will get sick so they can draw closer to God
  4. The Holy Spirit does not give you more of God
    1. How can He give you more if you already have all of God?
  5. The Holy Spirit will not give you spiritual blessings
    1. You already have everything from God. You only need to increase your faith in this fact
  6. The Holy Spirit will not increase your anointing
  7. The Holy Spirit does not make you hungry, thirsty or desperate
    1. You will be satisfied and full in the Spirit
  8. The Holy Spirit doesn’t have you beg God to ‘show up’ or ‘come’
  9. The Holy Spirit will not make you humble
    1. He only reminds and convicts you of the fact that you are one with Jesus. It is Jesus who is humble through you
  10. The Holy Spirit won’t dump the Kingdom on people
    1. The Spirit follows you. You choose who to preach, witness and heal, etc. The Holy Spirit performs the work, but you direct the Spirit
  11. The Holy Spirit doesn’t tell you to follow signs and wonders
    1. Signs and wonders follow the believer
    2. The believer has the freedom to perform these signs if he/she so chooses and the Spirit will perform through the believer
  12. The Holy Spirit does not persuade God about us
    1. God has never changed His mind about you. He has always loved and wanted good for you.


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Bible verses about living in the flesh

This is a short, great blog post explaining the verses that talk about living in the flesh vs. Spirit:

To summarize:
1. Whenever Paul writes about living in the flesh…he is talking about the law.
2. We do not live in the flesh as Christians (not ever). We only live in the Spirit!
3. As part of the true circumcision, Jesus circumcised the law (flesh) off of us.

You will find the details in Simon’s blog post very convincing.

Don’t these truths make you a tad annoyed about how those verses have been used by fleshly pastors to keep us “in line”?? However, they made slaves to sin by putting people under the law and weak, ineffective Christians. They torture Christians by allowing only a partial circumcision where a piece of flesh dangles from their body.

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Several Healings from pain….Gospel preached

A friend of mine, Michael King (we met through thelastreformation.com website), and I met up to pray for the sick in one of the projects areas here in Huntsville. Michael summed up who we talked to and prayed for:

“October 18th Sunday 2pm3:45pm.

Public housing downtown:
1. Isaiah Wilson: diabetes prayer for that to leave.
2. John: gunshot injury healed from level 4 pain in left lower leg to a 0.  He said it was more of a big deal that he even opened his door to us than the healing so that indicated that the Holy Spirit was moving him it seems.  Thinking back on it I believe it is possible this man may have been thinking about God and what is the truth.  I see that as a seed planted and confirmation that God is real and Jesus is the truth…but those are my thoughts.
3. Mom with baby.  Prayed for blessings in her life.
4. Catherine:  elderly lady: weak legs, flat or depressed spirit: prayed for strength in her legs and for peace and Holy Spirit filling.  She seemed quite happy after all the prayer and compared to her tone of voice even after she let us in I’d say she was joyful by the time we were leaving.
5. Woman with pain in her leg at a level of 9.  Prayed for her for healing and casting out the pain.  She said her pain did go down to a 6 and then she hurried off because she was cold.  I feel confident she was healed completely.
We talked to a group of kids of age around 12-15 I would estimate.  They were polite which I thought was really cool because I wasn’t exactly expecting that.  No prayers with them but you gave testimony of healings in Jesus name and that is more seeds.
The fact that we were walking around willing to give time and prayer to people I think  was something that shows God’s love to people.  The healing we saw too was really cool.and undeniably demonstrates that God is real, Jesus is the truth and the way and healing and the other gifts have not ceased.
We also prayed for a man who had an infected tooth ache. The infection had spread up to his head. He had just been released from the hospital that morning, so he wasn’t feeling any pain (he was still on some hefty pain meds).
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Healing Ministry

A gentile woman came to Jesus seeking for her daughter to be healed and Jesus told her that it was not right to give the children’s bread to dogs until the children were full. We are all children of God because Jesus paid for us to be. Physical healing is our bread.
Not only is healing our personal bread, but we have also been made co-laborers with Jesus. We get to administer this bread to whoever we want. And there is a lot of work to do despite many awesome medical breakthroughs. We get to forgive people their sins as well, but let me focus on healing.
As administers of the children’s bread, my brothers, Joseph and Ethan, and I went to knock on apartment doors last Saturday (Saturday, August 22, 2015)…this was our 2nd time doing this. The first time we went ‘apartment knocking’ was several Saturdays ago and we were only able to pray with one lady (who told us that all the pain in her back was gone afterward). Anyways, we first prayed for a man who said he was losing his hearing. He didn’t seem like he had trouble hearing, but I could see was wearing a hearing aide. I thanked God for the man and commanded his ears to be restored. I asked him if he could hear any better. He said no, then quickly said goodbye and shut the door. Ouch! I think we were a little discouraged, but I dismissed this discouragement because I know that some people don’t really want to be healed or they have mental blocks to receiving healing.
We pressed on and met a young middle eastern man named Saeb. He converted to Christianity 5 years ago from Islam. As a 4 stripe black belt in karate he damaged the meniscus in his knees so bad, that he will have surgery on Sept. 1. Although he said that his knees didn’t hurt at the moment, I commanded his knees to be healed in Jesus’ name. I shared with Saeb how my knees were healed from years of constant swelling and we had an encouraging conversation. I gave him my contact info and plan to follow up with him.
We next met a kid (probably 10 years old) who after finding out what we were doing asked us to talk to his mother. He said that she was often sick. We told him that we were going to visit a different building and would see his mom next week. But he pleaded with us and we agreed to skip over to the building where his mom’s apartment was located. When we got there, he went inside to talk to his mom. He came out and said that she felt fine right now, so we knocked on the 10 or so other doors in that building. We prayed for a lady who said she had pain in her leg that was so bad, the pain level was an 8 out of 10. We noticed that she had all her weight on the other leg. So I touched her leg below the knee and commanded that the spirit causing the pain be cast out and then commanded the leg to be healed in Jesus’ name. I asked her how she felt now. She said her leg felt a lot better. I asked what the pain level was at now and she replied that it was between a 5 or 4. So I touched her leg again and thanked God for reducing the pain, but then commanded the leg to be fully restored. To her surprise, her leg was completely healed! She asked, “what did you do??” And then I was able to witness to her the love that God had for her.
We also prayed with a lady whose mother had pneumonia (but lived somewhere up north). So all in all, we were able to witness to 6 or 7 people about the love and power of God and we healed one lady’s leg right then. I believe Saeb’s knees will also be healed and that the last lady’s mother will be healed. I believe that even though we didn’t get to pray with the kid’s mom…he led us to building that we were supposed to meet the lady with a hurt leg.
Just like sin and spiritual sickness, I think that physical ailments are primarily the work of the devil. So, us going out the pray for people is a way of combating the power and army of the enemy. We were setting captives free and administering the grace and mercy of God. This is the work of the Lord that we so happily and eagerly get to participate in. I am really excited to continue this work and eager to see what else God has in store for us.
Isaiah 53 and 1 Peter 2 reveals to us that Jesus not only died on the cross for our forgiveness of sins, but He also died that we would be physically healed. Also, the greek word used in the New Testament for “salvation” is “sozo”. This word has a more holistic connotation than what we typically understand it to mean. Sozo is a complete salvation (physical as well as spiritual) and this is how new testament people would have understood it.
Healing was so important to Jesus that He risked His life to heal the man with a withered hand on the sabbath. Couldn’t He just wait a day for a non-life-threatening withered hand? No, Jesus wanted to show how important that man is to God…how much God loved that man. Healing people shows them how much God cares about them. It shows them in a manifested way (that they cannot deny) that God loves them.
A good resource for further reading on this subject is Andrew Wommack’s site. Here is a good place to start: http://www.awmi.net/extra/article/healing_childrens
Believe you me that I had just as many or more “but what about” questions as you might have now after reading something like this. I have read 5 or 6 great books on the subject and history of healing. I have listened to probably more than 20 different preachers and 100 or more hours of sermons about healing. After all that, I still have questions. But I recently resolved to put my mustard seed of faith into practice and let some mysteries be unknown for the time being. I started with my own knees being healed (3+ years of chronic pain and swelling) and then my wife’s chronic shoulder pain. Both of which none of our doctors could figure out what was causing it. Steroids and other medicines are good and help relieve pain. But God is the one who heals. Doctors treat symptoms and can cure some things with medicines, but God can cure all. And I believe He is willing.
Let me know if you have any questions and/or comments about this.
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Dr. Roger Sapp on Healing

dr. roger sapp

Dr. Roger Sapp of “All Nations Ministries”

Roger Sapp has some excellent teaching about healing that anyone can watch on YouTube. The first step for a believer to engage in effective healing prayer is to have revelation of God’s willingness to heal everybody. Most Christians today have an understanding that pain, suffering, and sickness is from God. If this were true, why didn’t Jesus ever make anyone sick? The truth is that He only healed people.

Dr. Sapp’s teachings help establish this truth so the believer can have confidence in God’s will when he/she prays for the sick. These are some notes I took while listening to his sermons:

Job – some christians point to Job as an example of where God would allow them to be sick. but to have the true Job experience, christians must also expect God to heal them. most scholars say Job was sick and tormented for less than a year…but looking closely at scripture, it looks like he was only sick for a week or two.

Paul’s Thorn – the greek for ‘messenger’ is angelico….so it was a demon.This demon persecuted Paul (made it tough for him to minister), although God always healed him of physical maladies. Paul received this ‘assigned demon’ because he saw revelations of the third heavens.

Curses – Teachings of curses and generational curses is fairly new doctrine (1970s). Jesus never taught about curses. He never had to undo curses for a person to be healed. Under the New Covenant, sins are remembered no more…they are not visited to the next generation. If you believe that curses can hurt you, they might have power over you.

Time Machine – imagine you could go back in time to a healing service of Jesus. If you asked Him to heal you, what would He say?

God’s Willingness: If you would heal your own child of sickness or pain, how much more would our Father in Heaven heal us if we ask and have faith? Would you ever make your child sick, give them cancer, or hurt to teach them a lesson??

Prayer: prayer doesn’t necessarily heal people…it is the truth about them that heals. When healing the sick, tell them why they are going to be healed, about God’s willingness, then lay hands on them. Jesus would teach the good news then heal the people.

Person Getting Healed: have them confess out loud: “This healing belongs to me because of what Jesus has done.”


I will add to these notes a point taken from Francis MacNutt’s book, The Nearly Perfect Crime. MacNutt wrote about how important physical healing is to Jesus. Physical healing was so important, Jesus consistently risked His life by healing on the sabbath. The people He healed would have been more than willing to wait a day to be healed. But Jesus wanted to show them that they and the healing of their bodies was infinitely more valuable to God than keeping a holy day. It was worth risking His life to heal one person of a malady that wasn’t even life threatening. God healing people shows them His love for them.

Links to Dr. Sapp’s Teachings:

Christ Centered Healing Seminar Part 1

Christ Centered Healing Seminar Part 2

Christ Centered Healing Seminar Part 3

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Healing Confessions: Joseph Prince

His Grace Is Enough

Dear friend,

As you are trusting the Lord for healing today, it is so important for you to know that God wants you healed and well. My Bible tells me clearly that God is a God of love and that He is a good God (1 Chronicles 16:34; 1 John 4:16).

This means that if you are sick, God’s heart is and will always be to heal and restore health and life to you. He so desires for you to walk in health and life that He gave you His beloved Son, Jesus, so that you might have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). God is for you to walk in abundant health and life. He does not want your body and life sapped, incapacitated or debilitated by pain, sickness and disease, and He will never withhold healing from you.

How important is your healing and health to…

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The 9 Lies of Religion

This post is strong and briefly covers the main lies that we here from many churches. I would argue the lies from churches are more devastating than any other. Perhaps this is what the Bible means where it is written that Satan appears as an angel of light. My favorite part of this article:
“Jesus testified to the truth because only the truth can set you free. Religion, on the other hand, keeps you bound with half-truths, bent-truths, and damnable lies. By religion I mean the universal quest for self-improvement. I am talking about the religion of the snake who said, “Do this and you will be like God.””

Escape to Reality

Truth v lie“I came into the world to testify to the truth,” said Jesus. “Everyone on the side of truth listens to me” (John 18:37).

These are strong words. If Jesus put them on his Facebook page he’d get roasted. “Jesus, how dare you claim to have the inside track on truth? Why must we take sides? How ungracious. How divisive. What gives you the right? Who do you think you are?”

Jesus testified to the truth because only the truth can set you free. Religion, on the other hand, keeps you bound with half-truths, bent-truths, and damnable lies. By religion I mean the universal quest for self-improvement. I am talking about the religion of the snake who said, “Do this and you will be like God.”

The lies of religion are contemptible because they throw doubt on the good news of Jesus and keep enslaved those whom Jesus loves. Here are nine of…

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2 Sauls


Saul Attacking David GUERCINO (1646)

Let’s rightly divide the word here. By this I mean rightly divide between the old covenant (law) and new covenant (grace) in the Bible. In the Bible we have two dudes, both named Saul. They didn’t just share a name. Both were born in the tribe of Benjamin, both excelled beyond their peers (1 Sam 9:2 and Gal 1:14), both persecuted God’s peeps, and both took their coffee with cream, no sugar.

The difference between the two Sauls is what covenant they were under. Under the old covenant, King Saul angered God. God hardened Saul’s heart and spiritually blinded him. Saul (and everyone else, for that matter) had no chance of pleasing God. God sentences him to death. And kills his children too. Under the old covenant, your whole family is at risk. As Antoine Dodson put it: you better hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband too!

Saul of Tarsus sinned even worse than King Saul. Second Saul hunted down Christians and had them stoned to death. I wonder how many stones I could take before I die. Maybe there were some merciful stone throwers that would aim for my head to kill me quicker. But how good was their aim? On the contrary, it was merciless stone throwers who actually practiced! I digress. Under the new covenant, God deals with Second Saul differently. Instead of hardening his heart, God gives him sight! Although God starts with physically blinding him…Saul was actually already spiritually blind. God leads Saul to His people and then removes the scales from his eyes, both physically and spiritually.

Our merciful Father doesn’t stop there. He gives second Saul a new name. He raises him up (as high as the third heavens, whatever that is). He gives him sight. God gives him a new identity!

Brothers and sisters, we need no longer to live under the Old Covenant, or the Law. There is a new wine skin to be filled only with new wine. The fruit of Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (the Law) is very attractive (Gen 3:6). You will be tempted to eat from it, but it can only bring you death (Gen 2:17). Have faith not in what you do, but in what Jesus has DONE. That is the new covenant. Jesus has paid for everything. Have faith in the finished work of Jesus and in the new identity our Father has given you! Don’t be blinded by circumstances. Allow faith to shape your circumstances, not the other way around. The good fruit will follow with hardly any effort on your part. His burden is light and yoke is easy. He removes the sin from you as far as the east is from the west. Your only job is to rest in His finished work. Run and tell THAT, homeboy (Dodson).

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